Awning fabric replacement


Has the time come to buy new awnings? Perhaps your awning just needs a fabric replacement. We recommend Dickson fabric - UV-resistant and durable.


Choose a new fabric for your awning and we'll replace it quickly and professionally. With your enquiry, please select the product code and let us know the dimensions and type of your awning.

How soon can I expect a reply?

If you make your enquiry in the morning, we will most likely call you the same day. It is almost never possible to prepare an accurate offer without getting additional information from you. We will send you an offer within 48 hours (or two working days) of receiving your enquiry. We hope you understand that we rest during the weekend and holidays. In high season, it can happen that you will be contacted with a bit of a delay due to our teams being busy. But we promise to get back to you as fast as we can, because we are aware that the subject of your request is important for you, regardless of the amount of work requested from us.


Do I get a confirmation?

After you have submitted your enquiry, please check your email. There you shall receive a confirmation message that your enquiry was safely submitted together with all the details you have entered. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for a confirmation message to reach your inbox.


If you find that you need to change the information you have sent us, please email or simply reply to the message you have received.


How are my personal data treated?

We will treat your personal data with care and in accordance with the law. We will use them for the sole purpose of completing the business transaction. Full details on the protection of your personal data can be found here.