Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems

Local ventilation with getAir recuperator

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Why is it essential that your home features a ventilation system?

In well-insulated buildings, air circulation is very low, making a case for using ventilation systems for living spaces.


It often happens that when renovating a flat or a house, people completely forget about ventilation, which is a big mistake because during renovations we tend to replace the windows, the insulation etc., and as a result the building becomes hermetically sealed. It is therefore essential to install a ventilation system.


The key advantage of getAir ventilation systems is their ease of installation and high heat recovery rate. SmartFan device is the result of years of research and development. The getAir technology is based on innovative components that reduce noise, optimise airflow, and efficiently return heat to the room.

  • Get rid of damp and mould!
  • Save on heating - up to 90% of the heat retained in the room
  • Extremely quiet recuperator, starting from as low as 14dB noise level
  • Together with the 'PUSH' controller, you can set 3 operating modes
  • Using the 'PUSH' controller you can set automatic operation according to the humidity content of the air in the room
  • The external grille of the device blends perfectly with the exterior appearance of the building and protects against the ingress of large particles

How does the getAir ventilation system work?



There is a simple solution to this problem: installing local ventilation with heat recovery, such as the getAir SmartFan device. Using this type of system can save you up to 50% on heating costs. All that is needed to install the SmartFan unit is a 162 mm wide hole in the wall. This eliminates the need for complicated ductwork. SmartFan is therefore a highly flexible solution, ideal for application in building renovation. It not only saves you money, but also a lot of time and effort.







The top-quality getAir ObjektFan ventilation system is ideal for residential and commercial buildings. The system's volume at low-speed is only 14 dB and the maximum airflow is 43 m3/h. The system's controller comes with a humidity sensor and can control up to 4 ObjektFan devices. This allows the unit to run automatically or at a higher speed if the humidity increases.


The getAir ventilation systems work in pairs, where one unit supplies fresh air to the room and the other extracts waste air from the room. After 70 seconds, the operation is reversed on both devices. An advanced control unit coordinates the functioning of the ventilation units.


Ventilation systems

SmartFan X9 bathroom extractor fan

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Do you have problems with moisture in your bathrooms or utility rooms? The SmartFan X9 is the ideal solution for you.

The getAir SmartFan X9 is one of the best and most well-designed bathroom extractor fans on the market. It excels in its outstanding performance and incredibly quiet operation.

It is suitable for installation in conjunction with ventilation systems since it is also designed for constant operation when needed.


With the X9 bathroom fan, you can say goodbye to the damp and stale air that comes with an unventilated bathroom - forever.


Main advantages:

  • Extremely powerful bathroom fan, with up to 110 m3/h maximum airflow
  • Integrated motion sensor that automatically accelerates the unit to a higher (2nd) speed of operation
  • Integrated humidity sensor accelerates the unit to the 3rd speed of operation when the relative humidity in the room exceeds 70%
  • Extremely quiet operation, 17 dB at minimum speed and only 25 dB at maximum speed!
  • Also suitable for constant operation 
  • Easy to clean, the fan unit can be easily disconnected and thoroughly cleaned as needed
  • Top German quality from the world-renowned German brand getAir



Ventilation systems

Olimpia Splendid Sitali SF150 local recuperator

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The SF150 recuperator offers constant room ventilation and makes your home a more comfortable place. It is suitable when experiencing the problem of damp air and mould in living spaces. The unit is equipped with a wide range of advanced features.


It offers the possibility to have ventilation with or without heat recovery, and is equipped with an integrated humidity sensor for automatic ventilation. It is extremely quiet - only 10 dB at first speed of operation. The kit also includes a quality remote control and a magnetic stand for the remote control. You can set up to 6 ventilation speeds with the controller. The airflow of the unit at maximum speed is a whopping 60 m3/h.


The Olimpia Splendid device is not just good-looking, its design has more than one purpose: in all Olimpia Splendid products, the design is planned so that the product will integrate as much as possible into the living environment in which it will be installed.



The Olimpia Splendid Sitali SF150 local recuperator has a humidity detector that can be set between 50% and 95% relative humidity (RH). It also features a built-in timer, adjustable between 0-30 minutes. It operates continuously at minimum speeds, which increases when the set RH level is exceeded.



The decentralised CMV unit ensures a constant airflow while consuming minimal energy and creating a comfortable environment with quiet operation.

This prevents condensation and mould from forming, which are both detrimental to the health of residents.


Quiet operation

10 dB (A). Optimised for continuous 24/24h operation.


Special features of the Olimpia Splendid Sitali SF150 local recuperator

The air temperature detector independently regulates the airflow through the recuperator and adapts it to the optimum room conditions. The front cover, which is fixed with magnetic fasteners and can be easily removed, allows for easy access and maintenance of the recuperator. The "Silent System function" lowers the noise level to a minimum (10 dB) when the recuperator is operating at maximum load.