Awning fabric replacement

Do you have an awning whose fabric is worn out but the frame is still good? We will be happy to offer you a fabric replacement! Select your sample here and send us your enquiry.

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Are you building new or perhaps renovating? No matter, we can take care of your joinery in whole or in part. Let us know what you want and need, and we'll make sure you get quality materials and installation.



Window shading service


"... the shutters have dropped all the way down and now are stuck."

"... the strap is no longer wound in the coiler box."

"... I can hear the motor, but the roller shutter doesn't go up."


These are all minor faults that can be fixed in 20 minutes on average.


Let our partner Roletko help you. Get fast and professional service for broken shutters from all Slovenian and some foreign manufacturers.